• Congratulations on your new hearing instruments!

    Congratulations on your new hearing instruments!

    Here are a few helpful tips about how to get the best out of your new hearing instruments. You need to be aware of a few things during the first few days and weeks.


    A new exiting world of sounds

    When you first start wearing your hearing instruments, you will rediscover a lot of sounds that you haven’t heard in ages. Although this can be a bit overwhelming at first, think of it as a time where you are reminded of all the new sounds that you can enjoy again.

    Your brain needs to identify all the new sounds again, and it must relearn the ability to focus on the important sounds and filter out the rest. You will probably find that you are paying more attention to your surroundings than usual, but this is only because your brain registers so many new sounds during the initial period of wearing your hearing instruments.

    Once this phase passed, you will soon be able to focus on more valuable things. Many sounds will seem louder than they were without your hearing instruments, but this is perfectly normal. You probably think it is your volume that has been set too loud, which is most often not the case. Your brain has automatically adjusted to a lower volume because of your hearing loss, and needs to readjust to its original level.


    Tips for a gentle start

    • Start by wearing your instruments for most of the day.

    • Use them in quiet situations, and in one-on-one conversations in your home.

    • Listen to the radio or television.

    • Use them in noisier environments such as a busy road or supermarket.

    • Use the telephone.

    • Visit your favorite restaurant with friends or family. This will be the most challenging scenario – with time it will get easier to hear what people are saying.


    Looking after your hearing instruments

    Your hearing instruments will soon be an integral part of your life. Surprisingly as it may sound at this stage, living without them will soon be one of your least favorite things to do. By taking care of your hearing instruments, you will extend their life.

    • Open the battery compartment (this will switch the instrument off) to preserve battery life when not in use.

    • Always keep your hearing instruments clean and dry – moisture can damage your hearing instruments.

    • Check the sound outlet of your hearing instruments and remove any earwax daily.

    • Make sure you have removed your hearing instruments before swimming, showering or applying hairspray.


    Follow-up appointment

    Your audiologist will make a follow-up appointment after your initial fitting, to fine-tune your hearing instruments. This appointment also gives you a good opportunity to get answers for the questions that might have arisen since your last visit.

    Together with your audiologist and a little practice you will get a lot of pleasure out of your new hearing instruments!

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