• Signs and symptoms of balance disorders
    • Feeling of spinning
    • Tilting or swaying
    • Feeling off balance
    • Vomiting or feeling nauseous
    • Headache and light or sound sensitivity
    • Double vision, have trouble speaking or swallowing or feeling weak
    • Constant feeling of lightheadedness or imbalance
    • Difficulty focusing your eyes
    • Hearing loss in one ear
    • Feeling of fullness in one or both ears
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Difficulty moving your eyes, e.g. while reading
    • Facial paralysis (weakness / loss of function)
    • Lack of coordination

What our clients say

“The Dizziness & Hearing Clinic did not disappoint. In fact, they have exceeded my expectations. The admin required to enrol with the practice was crisp, concise and appropriate. She demonstrates true empathy. Her technical acumen and mastery of her subject is truly impressive. She has set the bar when it comes to the meaning of the word “professional”. A lot of people talk about it. Very few get it right. If hearing loss and dizziness is your challenge, look no further”

- Johan Olivier

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