• Hearing aids DO help!

    Hearing aids DO help!

    With hearing aids, the world will begin to open up again and you will find yourself hearing sounds that you have not heard for a while. Hopefully you will feel more empowered to take an active part in your ‘old life’ again.

    Communication with others will improve and you will find that you are not as tired from having to concentrate so hard to understand the people with whom you communicate.

    Interesting facts regarding Medical Aids:

    • Your medical aid benefits depend on your medical scheme and the medical plan you have selected.
    • The rate of payment from the Medical Aids varies, with some Medical Aids contributing annually and others every two years.
    • Most of the Medical Aids pay hearing aid benefits annually. Should the patient need two hearing aids, one hearing aid could be claimed before the end of 2014, and the other at the beginning of 2015. This approach offers maximum benefit from the Medical Aid benefits to the patient
    • Most of the Medical Aids cover hearing aids and therefore the benefit does not come out of the member’s savings.
    • Discovery pays the full benefit for hearing aids from the “above threshold benefit” if the patient are through their “self-payment gap”
    • Examples of some Medical Aid benefits:
      • Discovery (Comprehensive) – R19 600 per year
      • Bonitas – R12 500 every two years
      • Bankmed – R19 250 every two years
      • GEMS – R12 300 to R13 600 per year
      • MBMed – R19 800 per year
      • Nedgroup – R18 000 every two years
      • Old mutual – R26 000 every two years
      • Bestmed – R8 000 to R20 000 per year
      • Polmed (higher plan) – R22 000 every three years
    • Hendrika de Clercq Audiologists
      • Confirms your medical aid benefits beforehand,
      • Requests authorization from the medical aid
      • Claims directly from all the Medical Aids, with the approval of the patient

    Please contact Hendrika’s office to find out more about your medical aid benefits for 2014.

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