If you answer ‘yes’ to three or more of the following questions, you might have to have your hearing tested:

    •  Do you find people mumble when they talk?
    • Do you have difficulty hearing on the telephone?
    • Do you have to turn up the volume of the television to hear the speech?
    • Do family members / co-workers comment that you sometimes miss what is being said?
    • Do you often have to ask people to repeat themselves?
    • Do you misunderstand when people talk and sometimes respond incorrectly?
    • Do people get annoyed when you ask them to repeat what they have just said?
    • Do you have a buzzing / zinging / roaring sound in your ear/s?
    • Do you have difficulty hearing in crowds / restaurants?
    • Do you have difficulty hearing speech when there are background noise?
    • Do you have more difficulty hearing when women and children talk?
    • Do you often have to strain to hear conversations?
    • Do you have dizziness / vertigo?

Hearing Evaluations:

    We perform the following Hearing Evaluations at the Clinic:

    • Video otoscopy
    • Tympanometry Ipsi- and contralateral acoustic reflexes & reflex decay
    •  Eustachian tube functioning
    • High frequency audiometry
    • Diagnostic OAE’s SISI / ABLB / tone decay / speech discrimination tests