• Muffed hearing
    • Blocked feeling / feeling of fullness in the ear/s
    • Ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring (tinnitus) in the ear/s
    • Dizziness / spinning / vertigo
    • Hearing when people talk, but difficulty understanding what they are saying
    • Difficulty understanding speech in group situations or when there are background noises
    • Listening to the radio / television at a higher volume than usual
    • Choosing to avoid certain situations because of difficulty hearing conversations / speech
    • Being tired after conversations because of the effort to listen
    • Family or friends complaining that you do not hear when they talk or that they have to repeat themselves often
    • Difficulty hearing clearly on the telephone

What our patients say

“I would recommend the Dizziness and Hearing Clinic to anyone for the personal attention, warm and understanding atmosphere and professional, caring and quality service. Hendrika de Clercq is a warm well qualified and experienced audiologist who is concerned about her patients, really loves her field and her work and gives back to the community. She is a dedicated and inspirational community builder and facilitator”

- Cooper

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? We can help….