Hendrika De Clercq

Hendrika studied at the University of Pretoria where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Pathology (Speech-language pathology & Audiology) as well as her Master’s degree in Audiology. She is currently busy with her Philosopher’s degree in Audiology.

She has attended numerous courses in Audiology, especially in dizziness, balance and hearing disorders.

She focuses on technology and is constantly updating her knowledge to ensure she has a solid technical and theoretical basis to deliver an expert service to her patients.

She has been a private practice owner and manager for seven years.




Baccalaureus in Communication Pathology (2006)

Master in Communication Pathology (2011) Instructional Design of a Training Program for Audiometricians




VEMP and EcoG Training Seminar (2011)

VNG / ENG Training Seminar (2011)

Advanced Electrophysiology (2011)

Update in the Management of patients with Vestibular Disorders (2011)

Comprehensive Guide to VNG administration & Interpretation Workshop (2012)

Neuro-otology Interest group meeting (2012, May)

Neuro-otology Interest group meeting (2012, August)

Auditory Evoked Potentials: Fundamentals & Clinical Application (2013)

2nd update in the Management of patients with Vestibular Disorders (2013)