This type of hearing aids is usually a bit bigger than other options as it could have a bigger fitting range, making it suitable for patients with more severe hearing losses. It’s also more robust, so can work well for patients who have poor hand dexterity or loss of sensation in their fingers. BTE hearing aids have all the technology of the hearing aid in shell casing behind the patient’s ear, that is connected with a tube to a mould made to fit the patient’s ear. There is no technology in the mould in the ear. Remember, the size does not determine the quality of the sound or the technology, you can have exactly the same technology in either one of the hearing aids types. 

Here is some example of what the different BTE hearing aids could look like. This will differ slightly based on the make and model of the hearing aid.

  • miniBTE hearing aids
  • BTE hearing aids
  • Power BTE hearing aids